Day of Dredd – September 7th 2019

This September it’s time to celebrate one of the greatest comic book heroes ever created.  The hardcore lawman of MegaCity One – Judge Joseph Dredd.  On September 7th 2019 we will experience the culmination of a month of celebration, promotion and events honouring Britain’s biggest comic book star. Comic book shops and libraries who send […]

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Rico Dredd : The Titan Years

Michael Carroll is one of the leading writers who contribute to 2000AD, his contributions to Judge Dredd have help continue to shape the worldscape originally created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. As much as I enjoy the comic book adventures which Michael pens, it’s within this novels based in the universe where I truly […]

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2000AD : Sci-Fi Special 2019

2000AD pays tribute to one of the titans of the comic book industry.  Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra, who sadly passed away in October 2018 leaves a powerful legacy in the world of comics. He touched the lives of many comic book fans and this mighty tome is a fitting tribute to a giant of […]

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Zombie Army Trilogy (PS4)

One of the gaming series which I can always trust to release top quality sniping experiences is the Sniper Elite series. It’s one of Rebellion’s flagship titles, totally immersing the player in the role of a sharp shooter in the World War II era. Although Zombie Army Trilogy is not a Sniper Elite game entry, there […]

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Batman : No Man’s Land Vol 1

After Knightfall and the broken Batman, Gotham hasn’t had much luck, the city has been consumed with dangerous plagues and now has suffered a massive earthquake/tsunami.  This disaster brought about an interesting concept in the Batman universe, what if Gotham City was cut off from the world? What if it’s stranded inhabitants – including Batman’s rogues […]

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