Faces of Evil : Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy isn’t much of a character and is a strange individual to base a mini-series around.  Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins attempt to craft a narrative around the nursery rhyme reciting grey giant.  Unfortunately there isn’t much of a narrative present in this story.  The comic book doesn’t really accomplish much of anything.  The […]

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Babylon 5 – In Valens Name

There was one Sci Fi show that I completely loved when I was a teenager, it wasn’t the popular choice of Star Trek and Doctor Who had been off the air for nearly 10 years at this stage.  It was Babylon 5, with it’s high arching plotlines, beautiful characterisation and a narrative so sublime it […]

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ABC Warriors : Mek Files 02

I really enjoyed The ABC Warriors Mek Files 01 – I reviewed it for The Geek Syndicate  and it read like a homage to The Magnificent Seven and was full of rip-roaring action. Mek Files 02 is even better, there’s a serious amount of character building and the introduction of a new protagonist into this […]

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Neil Gaiman’s Black Orchid

Neil Gaiman is best known for his wonderful Sandman series published by Vertigo, but before that, in the late 1980’s Gaiman had another wonderful book that was published.  Black Orchid is a vertigo book which, like Alan Moore’s superb retelling of Swamp Thing, took an older, established character in a bold new direction.  Gaiman takes […]

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Altered Beast The Arcade Game

There’s a title which in my mind is a classic of the gaming of yesteryear which has suffered from the modern fad of critiquing Retro Games.  Altered Beast is now often panned for it’s technical faults, lacking graphics and apparent ‘basic’ gameplay mechanics. But once this was a classic, a title, which when ported to […]

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