The DC Universe of Alan Moore

It’s often quoted that Alan Moore wrote to ‘make comics grow up’.  While it’s true that most of his series, such as Swamp Thing were aimed at mainstream mature audiences.  He’s also written stories featuring the conventional capes and spandex brigade.  He’s a writer who can craft deep nuances and surprisingly powerful narratives featuring the […]

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Doctor Who : Operation Volcano #1

I absolutely adore Sylvester McCoy’s portrayal as The Doctor.  He was never going to be an action figure like Jon Pertwee or contain the fresh faced youthful exuberance of Peter Davison.  But as a mysterious and unknowable magician type figure, his unknowable and ancient Timelord persona, gelled with the upturn in the quality of the […]

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Judge Dredd on the Playstation 1?

  When it comes of Comic Book games there’s some concepts which should just work.  Spiderman should be represented in video games as a web slinging, swinging, wisecracking hero.  The Punisher should be using automatic weapons to mow criminals down and when taking on the role of The Batman, players should be encouraged to use […]

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