The Flash Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

This is the first Flash comic I had read and considering the excitement for the upcoming Flash movie, it was about time I dipped my toes in. This is the precursor to the ‘Flashpoint’ saga and features an engaging storyline concerning memory loss and a new enemy called Godspeed.

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Batman The Movie 1989 – NES Review

Batmania was everywhere when I was at school, in 1989 you couldn’t escape the trading of the bubblegum cards or the comic book adaptation. This was the first live action appearance of the Dark Knight since the campy, yet excellent, 1960’s show. Tim Burton deliberately changed tact with this interpretation, crafting a visual darker fantasy […]

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Golden Axe : Fantastic Fantasy

If you don’t know the name Makoto Uchida, you should. He was the creator of Altered Beast and of the original Golden Axe. Golden Axe cemented it’s legacy in video game history by being a barbarian-themed beat-em up. This was the age when Conan the Barbarian was in vogue. It featured buff warriors and Red […]

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Claudia Christian’s Journeys

There’s (on average) over two thousand individuals who read this blog each day, some of you come to peruse my thoughts on your favorite Superhero or on the world of video games. I’m very grateful to each of you for the time you take when reading these vignettes of thought. Here’s something that many of […]

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Splank! Annual 2020 – A Free Comic which is launching a NHS Charity Appeal

Splank! is the brainchild of Peter Duncan, a well-known small-press publisher from Northern Ireland. Splank! harks back to the traditional hard-back annuals that most UK kids used to receive at Christmas. Splank! is an ingenious combination of work from professional artists, small-press publishers and newcomers with a mix of humorous and adventure strips some set in a […]

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