Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator – Grab your sword, toga and..blaster pistol!

There’s an incredibly unique feel to this title, a book whose narrative premise is historical fiction set to the tune of fast paced science fiction.  Claudia Christian and Morgan Grant Buchanan have taken the historical and cultural themes of ancient Rome, a captivating and rich time period and considered what might have happened if Rome […]

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The webcomic is a genre which has become increasingly prevalent in the last decade, it’s a natural progression from the famous newspaper funnies which produce pithy, satirical and occasionally wiry page fillers for popular printed newspaper and magazines. But it’s an incredibly skillful ability to be able to tell a story in as little as […]

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Campaign

There’s a tremendous amount of negativity focused around EA’s latest Star Wars offering – the sequel to the lacklustre Battlefront – which they have imaginatively called Battlefront 2.  The truth is the game deserves that criticism, it’s simple not worth your hard earned money – the multiplayer is simplistic and out of the box, comes […]

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DC Universe Online: PS4 Edition

Gamers are no strangers to the popular Massively Multiplayer Online genre, the most popular of these is the long running World of Warcraft MMO which has dominated the scene for 13 years.  DC attempted to introduce their familiar characters and comic book settings into a story driven online environment – allowing players to interact with […]

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