Splank! Annual 2020 – A Free Comic which is launching a NHS Charity Appeal

Splank! is the brainchild of Peter Duncan, a well-known small-press publisher from Northern Ireland. Splank! harks back to the traditional hard-back annuals that most UK kids used to receive at Christmas. Splank! is an ingenious combination of work from professional artists, small-press publishers and newcomers with a mix of humorous and adventure strips some set in a […]

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Batman & Robin : Born to Kill

This series by Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi was somewhat overshadowed by the Grant Morrison run featuring Batman and Damian Wayne’s Robin. That’s a shame as the story presented in this first volume was gripping and featured an element of the Dark Knight which is underutilized. He’s not just the world’s greatest detective, he is […]

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Superman : Red Son Review

Red Son was released as a 3 issue event by DC Comics in 2003. It’s creator Mark Millar had just become a name in comics by following on from Warren Ellis in writing The Authority. The central idea was a great ‘What if’ alternative history idea: what if Kal-el, who would become Superman, had crashed in […]

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