Gordon of Gotham

There’s a lot of stories in Gotham City, sure, most of them feature The Dark Knight himself – but there are other, perhaps more interesting characters in the city.

Jim Gordon has been there since the beginning , he’s been there before Bruce Wayne’s transformation into the living nightmare of the criminal underworld, he’s been Gotham’s top cop, a tough grizzled veteran of campaigns against the scum of the City for a long time.  Before he came to Gotham (and before the new 52 reboot) he was a cop in Chicago learning his craft but apart from these tantalising elements of his history, most of his personal life and history is generally unexplored.


Gordon of Gotham unveils more of the character’s history, set two months before he comes to the city of Gotham, this shows the reader a very plausible, human character and I think that’s Gordon’s strength.  In a universe of the outlandish, of the costumed madmen, Gordon has always been the ‘straight’ figure in batman lore.

We see Gordon endure a difficult marriage, arguments over the difficulties of conceiving a child, the pressures of being a cop while studying criminology at the local university – so Gordon is seen here as a cop, husband and student.  His life becomes even more complicated when he becomes a minor celebrity after foiling a bank robbery and attempts to investigate a corrupt fellow police officer.

During the course of this Gordon finds himself assaulted and framed and then saved by a mysterious figure who seems to operate outside the law.  This is a story of Gordon changing from a young idealistic police officer becoming hardened by the world in which he walks in.


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