ABC Warriors : Mek Files 02

I really enjoyed The ABC Warriors Mek Files 01 – I reviewed it for The Geek Syndicate  and it read like a homage to The Magnificent Seven and was full of rip-roaring action. Mek Files 02 is even better, there’s a serious amount of character building and the introduction of a new protagonist into this amazing action fest.


This collection brings together two excellent epics – The Khronicles of Khaos and Hellbringer. Khaos focuses on Deadlock’s mission to bring the warriors closer to the dark, unpredictable powers that could be bestowed upon them if they surrendered to the dark God.  They travel to the planet Hekate which is steeped in the demented aura of the anarchic religion that Deadlock follows.

There’s a wonderful conflict that occurs between the Warriors and a group of rabid, evangelical church goers headed by a pasty faced priest.  These humans are terrified of the Night Maras, the followers of khaos who force a change in humanity when they turn towards that ancient religion.  These narrative elements are illustrated in wonderfully explicit detail by Kev Walker.


Deadlock instructs the warriors that they must present seven heads to the Goddess Hekate, the leader of the Maras in order to transform into powerful creatures if Khaos.  This begins a mission where the robots murder any officious agent of the Empire or human scumbag that they can find.  This is tremendous fun and Pat Mills brings his unique and brilliant forms of satire and dark humour to bare.  Oppressive government systems, religious intolerance and basic stupidity are all targets in this sublime narrative.  The artwork meshes perfectly with this and excites and shocks, some of the best panels show the Warriors at their best.  Hammerstein in heroic poses, Deadlock practising the arcane and Joe Pineapples who undergoes an astonishing and fantastic personality transformation in this story, with his sniper rifle.


We are introduced to a new character – Morrigun, a former hostess droid, who is a fascinating addition.  There’s statements about her character that the power of self determination is the prime concept behind a true feminist character in comic book literature.  Beginning as a servant we she her transform into a warrior figure, fighting alongside the warriors and embracing the powers of Khaos.  She’s a powerful, interesting and indeed sexy introduction to the narrative.


This is a fantastic collection which shows the enjoyable evolution of the ABC Warriors characters.  It’s unique blend of arresting action and dark humour is simply captivating and page turning.  I heartily recommend this title which can be found on : Amazon and 2000AD Webshop


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