Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched

I’ve been a big fan of Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead films since I was a kid, I enjoyed his larger than life take on the 80’s action hero.  Recently, there’s been a resurgence of his popularity in comic book format.  In the case of this title, our chiselled chinned hero is finally tying the knot.  The title opens with Ash really enjoying his life, he’s rid the world of the deadites, theres no monsters coming to kill him.  We all know as fans and readers that this won’t last and … it doesn’t.  Pretty soon we learn of a terrible nightmare that’s ready to hit the land.

Layout 1

This is an incredibly well written story, the pace is good and the plot is structured in an understandable manner.  The art by Nacho Tenorio is solid in this book as well, his greatest strength is the level of detail that he places on the expressions on the characters faces.  The nightmarish creature who becomes the antagonist in the comic series is tied into the cinematic universe of the Evil Dead series.  The figure is also well designed and is feral and ferocious.


The side characters such as the Wizard character (briefly seen in the Army of Darkness film) and Ash’s intended bride.  The focus never really leaves Ash, and rightly so, but his side kicks are really well written and bring a great verbal and narrative foil to the moments when Ash beings to use present day anachronisms.  They are used to great effect to anchor the story and it’s environment.

The story doesn’t actually deal with the marriage until the last act of the final issue, this is all about zombie ass kicking, pure and simple and it’s done with incredible style.  The art is one of the greatest strengths of this series and Bruce Campbell’s iconic character is written authentically.  I could hear Bruce speaking the lines of his comic book counterpart as I read through the panels.

I recommend this title for fans of the series and those who enjoy an exciting, humorous time-travelling zombie story.


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