Spotlight on : Retro Gamer Chris Caldwell

Each week I will be interviewing a few friends from the popular group Retro Tech 100 on Facebook.  This is one of the most popular and friendly gaming groups online and features individuals with a wealth of knowledge and passion regarding video games of years gone by.  This week we chat with Chris Caldwell and ask him a few questions regarding his love of gaming.

Hi Chris, What was the first gaming system you ever owned and fell in love with?

It was the four switcher Atari 2600 with the game Outlaw.  This game was quickly followed by classics such as Frogger, Ms Pacman and Keystone Kapers.


Chris’s first game on the Atari 2600 was a simple, yet revolutionary shoot out game featuring large and colourful graphics. You could shoot at three different angles with ricochet shots adding to the strategic gameplay.  What really makes Outlaw interesting is the inclusion of Wagons, Cactus and moving walls.  There were even a few one player target variations that were harder than they looked.  This would have been an excellent first game for the system.


When did you start collection Video Game Systems?

My collecting started a little over ten years ago and I began by looking for items at local garage sales.  Then progressing to Ebay hunting for bargains before the boom really happened.

What is your favourite System?

If I had to choose it would be a toss up between three systems, the Atari 2600 (for obvious reasons), Sega Genesis and the Playstation.   The Atari would probably be my overall favourite, probably due to the emotional attachment.  My mother showed me how to play the games and use the controllers.

What’s your favourite Genre of Game?

I love the side scrolling beat-em ups, my favourite from that genre would have to be Streets of Rage!


Streets of Rage was one of the most popular game titles of the Genesis’ early years and it’s no surprise that as a Beat-em up fan Chris would pick this as a favourite. This was Sega’s attempt to craft a challenger to the popular Final Fight arcade title which saw it’s home primarily on the Super Nintendo (although other 8 and 16 bit ports were available at the time).  Fast, frantic and fun, this title still warrants attention today.

What do you Enjoy the most about Collecting older games and systems?

I love the history of the titles, collecting rare finds and learning about the game or consoles development history. Every game system is like a time capsule.  Playing a game on the original system rather than emulation allows you to experience it just as it was when it came out.


Talking comics would like to thank Chris Caldwell for his time and contribution to these series of articles.


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