Spotlight on : Retrogamer Faith Johnson

The latest in my regular interviews with some of the most notable content providers for the the Retro gaming community features the incredibly knowledgeable Faith Johnson.  Faith has recently emerged onto the Youtube community and created some remarkably unique content in a marketplace awash with retro gaming videos.  She very kindly took the time to chat to me about her experiences and recommendations in regard to all things gaming.

Hi Faith. What was the first gaming system you ever owned and fell in love with?

The first console that I fell in love with was the Sega Megadrive, known as the Genesis outside Europe.  Growing up I did have a Commodore 64 which was shared with my older brothers. Back in 1991, my dad saw me play Sonic the Hedgehog in Boots department store (a  major chain store in the UK).  He asked me if I was enjoying playing it and I said that I loved it! That year he gave it to us for Christmas.


Like many gamers of the era, Faith found herself captivated by the speedy antics of Sonic the Hedgehog.  A character whose reputation helped Sega outsell Nintendo in the UK market.

I still had to share the Megadrive with my brothers and we had to use a black and white TV to play it but I was hooked! The Megadrive was a system which focused on very addictive arcade action. One of my other favourite titles was a Shooter called Thunderforce, powerful, fast paced action.


The Thunder Force series is understandably one of Faith’s favourites. One of the most notable titles in the series is Thunder Force III.


When did you start collection Video Game Systems?

I have always collected them since I was a kid but the first system I bought with my own money was in 2000.  It was a Nintendo GameCube, I had been playing a Sega Dreamcast but the GameCube was the first system I bought for myself.  I loved the connectivity with the Gameboy Advance which was a great feature.


I had still kept all my Megadrive games as well.  It was also around this time that ebay was starting to take off.  Using ebay was a lot easier that searching car boot sales or charity shops for a bargain.  The games and systems on ebay at the time were fairly inexpensive as well.

What is your favourite System?

It has to be the Sega Dreamcast, there was something special about the machine and the focus of the games.  I believe that it was the last truly great arcade style machine.  Once the Playstation 2 era emerged, the established hardware for consoles changed with the advent of hard drives and online play.  The Dreamcast was completely focused on providing a high quality arcade experience.  It had all the crazy games and peripherals as well.  Games like Crazy Taxi and Samba de Amigo with it’s maraca style controllers placed an emphasis on fun gameplay.

download (1)

Samba de Amigo was one of the game titles on the Dreamcast that promoted fun and a unique style of gameplay.

What’s your favourite Genre of Game?

I love 2D platform games with a cute mascot, so titles like Sonic, Tiny Toon Adventures and Ristar really appeal to me.  I prefer games that don’t include too many gimicks and I love the classic 16 bit pixel art style.


I also love 2D fighters with good combo systems. Some of my favourites from this genre are Capcom vs SNK, Garou Mark of the Wolf and Killer Instinct on the SNES. I also love turn based PC strategy games such as Heroes of Might and Magic.

What do you Enjoy the most about Collecting older games and systems?

It can take me to a place where I can feel safe.  It’s also an incredible learning experience and I love talking about my passion for that era of gaming.  One of the problems with Modern gaming is that it doesn’t have the same soul as the game systems and titles when I was growing up. Older gaming also has a lot more imagination, you can even see this in the controller designs.

Some of Faith’s incredible retro gaming collection.  How many of these have you played?

I collect for many older systems and I also love looking at the artwork and variations of the covers of games available. One of the motivations I have to collect is to preserve the history and experience games I didn’t get to play back in the day.

Talking comics would like to thank Faith for taking the time to talk to us and for providing us with photos of her wonderful collection.

You can check out Faith’s Youtube channel here.

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