Fantastic Four : The Books of Doom

Fantastic Four : The Books of Doom has nothing to do with the Fantastic Four.  If you are looking for a good book featuring a battle between Marvel’s first family and their most powerful villain, look to further fields. What this title provides is the definitive origin story of Doctor Doom.  Taking readers from his humble origins being born into a band of gypsies to his eventual conquering of Latveria.  Eventually becoming one of the most feared monarch in the Marvel universe.


The title effectively elaborates on a collection of mythos that had been jumbled for quite a while.  Stories regarding this popular villain were often convoluted with The Books of Doom we finally have the pieces placed into order and we now have a clear picture of who Doom is. The entire book is narrated by Doom as he recaps his story to a reporter. We follow Doom as he learns to mix science with magic, the first time he meets Reed Richards, his innocent childhood love and his eventual descent into madness.


Doom is one of the greatest villains of all time although admittedly I am not a massive fan of the Fantastic Four.  He personifies the evil of having no remorse and a massive intellect.  Brubaker writes Doom with supreme skill, bringing his quirks to the full front – his habit of speaking in the third person, his vanity and his need to be the most powerful.  Brubaker hits the nail on the head with his characterisation of this character and has crafted a wonderful captivating story around him.

I highly recommend this action packed book, it’s really cemented my love of the character and I hope that Marvel capitalise on this origin and give us stories featuring Doom.


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