Flesh – The Legend of Shamana

One of my favourite 2000AD strips was Flesh, a story which presented a possible future where mankind devised a time travelling device to solve their meat crisis – namely that there was none!  They would travel back in time and farm the dinosaurs, this was a fascinating story which had strong characterisation – especially in […]

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Arcade Classics: Double Dragon

Arcade Classics : Double Dragon In 1987, beating the hell out of bad guys while moving from one end of the screen to the other was nothing new.  However Double Dragon has the justifiable reputation of changing the genre of the side scrolling beat em up forever.  Touted as the spiritual successor to Renegade, it […]

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Revenge of Shinobi

Revenge Of Shinobi Very few games of the 16 bit era have ever reached such iconic status for such a myriad of reasons.  This was one of the first titles to appear on the Sega Mega Drive and became an instant classic, a sequel to the well-received Shinobi – which originated in the arcades and […]

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