Judas The Comic Book

It’s almost Easter and around this time of the year, I find my thoughts starting to revolve the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It’s a powerful story and there’s many different aspects to the story which has been pored over for centuries.  Themes of betrayal, the rights and wrongs of corporal punishment, the state […]

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Serenity : Those Left Behind

I found myself utterly captivated by the TV show Firefly, introduced to it by my wife a year ago – I was, like many others, disappointed when it finished with a lackluster movie.  Creator Joss Whedon, rightly believed that he had a great story to tell and now, thankfully, he has the been able to […]

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The DC Showcase 2010-2011

DC Showcase was an attempt to bring lesser known characters in the publishers universe into public consciousness.  There’s also a lot for those who are already fans of these characters to appreciate as well.  Perhaps what this collection does best is capture the look and feel of each of the characters presented here.  There’s an […]

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Give us Today Our Daily Dredds

If you are not familiar with Judge Dredd, picture the scene, cast your mind back to 1976 (or if you aren’t old enough – imagine).  For the children of that heady era, it was a warm summer, riding their bikes in the streets of their beloved (or completely hated) towns.  They had no idea that […]

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