Super Star Wars – SNES

I love Star Wars, particularly the original trilogy, when Super Star Wars was released in 1992 I went nuts for it.  Regularly going to my local department store where they allowed the kids to have a play on it (to convince their parents to purchase it that day) and marvelling at the experience. This was […]

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Shadow of the Beast – PS4

Over 27 years since the original release of the excellent Shadow of the Beast, a new version of the classic title has been released on the PS4.  The graphics may look considerably better than the original version but thankfully it’s core has stayed the same. The 1989 Commodore Amiga version looked and sounded incredible, it […]

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Batman Damned #1

This issue has been touted as one of the most controversial of Batman’s whole run.  It’s not due to the deep and wild psychological narrative which weaves through it’s panels.  It’s not due of the fact that the Joker is dead and may have been finished by the Dark Knights own hands.  Rather it’s due […]

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