Judge Death: The Fall of Deadworld

2000AD excels at bringing grotesque, fantastical creatures to life – there’s an incredible talent with the writers and artists who bring nightmarish visions to life in bold, visceral styles.  Judge Death is famous for being one of the reoccurring, key antagonists encountered by Judge Dredd and his fellow Judges in the Mega City One – […]

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Absalom: Under a False Flag

2000AD has had it’s fair share of truly gritty characters and most of them can be traced as a form of homage to pop cultural icons.  Harry Absalom is a grimy, sarcastic, grumpy, tough old bastard – he’s cut from the same cloth as Jack Regan from The classic UK TV series ‘The Sweeney’, uncompromising […]

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Finn: Eco Warrior, Lover, Cabbie

Evil filtered through the bodies of corrupted man, tendrils of dark energies masquerading as light clinging onto the well-known corporations, the governmental bodies directing them to do the bidding of ancient inter-dimensional Gods.  Against these forces, a man trained by the old ways of powerful earthy witchcraft and the modern combat techniques of the territorial […]

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Clive Barkers Next Testament

Approaching Clive Barker’s work in comic format for the first time, I chose the rather intriguing title of ‘Next Testament‘ – I am a theologian after all, books and ideas regarding the divine and the supernatural in general fascinate me.  This contained a somewhat unique take on all that is ‘holy’ and gives a sideways […]

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