Zombie Army Trilogy (PS4)

One of the gaming series which I can always trust to release top quality sniping experiences is the Sniper Elite series. It’s one of Rebellion’s flagship titles, totally immersing the player in the role of a sharp shooter in the World War II era. Although Zombie Army Trilogy is not a Sniper Elite game entry, there […]

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Thunder Force IV: A Genesis Blaster

Technosoft’s classic shoot ’em up series Thunder Force is one of the most underrated franchises in the genre. Featuring huge stages that you can explore vertically while the stages scroll horizontally. Delighting players with a successive line of challenging and memorable boss fights this title quickly became a classic for Sega fans and devotees of […]

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Sid Meier’s Pirates! A Review

Sid Meier’s name conjures up vast complicated strategic titles, hours bent over the keyboard and the hours seeming to melt away.  Sid Meier’s classic Pirates which originally was published in 1987 was never just another strategy game.  It broke the mold being approachable, big and bold and bright.  It was more concerned with helping the […]

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Streets of Rage Remake Review

With the advent of a new entry into the Streets of Rage franchise I decided to play the excellent fan remake of the classic Streets of Rage trilogy.  After Streets of Rage 3, Sega had been trying for years to get a fourth game released. Unfortunately, due to the slow decline of the beat-em up […]

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