Snack Hacks : More than a Cookbook

Snack Hacks a new book from Floating World Press is the brain child of authors Claudia Christian and Mark Michel. If Claudia’s name seems familiar that shouldn’t be surprising, she’s starred in multiple tv shows and movies and those who know their Sci-Fi will recognise her as the formidable Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5. Claudia also has incredibly impressive […]

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Best PC Games of the 90’s

I remember the halcyon days of the 90’s, I was at school and had began to explore the world of video games.  A world which would immerse me into my adult years, it was also the era which introduced me to the universe of PC gaming.  This is what I consider the ‘golden era’ of […]

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Thoughts on Sigil : A Review

I’m sitting listening to Debussy and thinking about the last 90 minutes, a 90 minute journey back into Hell.  You might gather from my choice of music, I’m not your typical Doom player. I don’t listen to metal and I don’t like many horror films. What has always appealed to me about the game has […]

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