Doctor Who : Spearhead From Space

In 1969 Doctor Who was in trouble, the show faced cancellation following the Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton’s era.  The production team was given the chance to try one more series. The Doctor’s world even gained colour for the very first time, but the budget had to be drastically cut. By grounding the Doctor to […]

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Edge of Extinction #2

The first thing that slams into your consciousness regarding this comic book is Ryan Brown’s cover art. Ryan crafts these fantastically evocative covers which immediately sets the tone for the narrative between the cover.  In this case, it’s horrifically gorgeous, painstakingly detailed and absolutely terrifying. So what was Ryan drawing on the front cover?  Well […]

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Carnage : Family Feud

Carnage was one of Spiderman’s most formidable enemies, unfortunately over exposure began to turn him into a joke character.  He was rested for a while by being placed into orbit in space and ripped in half in 2005.  In 2010 is was deemed that he was ripe for a come back and it turns out […]

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