William Gibson’s Neuromancer

During the Comic boom period in the 1980’s Marvel released a much anticipated Graphic Novel adaptation of a cyber punk classic.  This was William Gibson’s first novel and won him a Hugo award.  Filled with dystopian visions of a Cyber Punk future, this is a captivating narrative – and translated to the comic book media […]

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The Preacher : A Retrospective

The Preacher is a powerful comic book series which asks some interesting theological questions.  What if God abdicated his throne, fled from heaven and chose to live his life on Earth?  What Supernatural consequences would happen if an angel and a demon fell in love and conceived a child? What would happen if a man […]

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Irish Influences in Comics

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a day for celebrating being Irish, having fun with friends and family and I want to take a moment in my blog to look at some famous Irish Comic book characters.  There are a few and maybe some of their inclusions will surprise you. Judge Joyce Our next character is […]

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Spotlight on Paul T Taylor Part 1

With the release of the newest film in the Hellraiser franchise, I took the opportunity to approach it’s lead – Paul T Taylor for an in depth interview.  Looking not just at his recent cinematic triumph as the lead cenobite or ‘Pinhead’ as he’s known to his fans, but also looking through his prolific career. […]

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Judge Dredd vs Aliens :Incubus

There have been many alien crossovers in comic book history.  For the most part the pairing of Judge Dredd with the xenomorphs is a resounding success.  The superb artwork of Harry Flint shines through each issue of this comic book.  It’s incredibly reminiscent of Carlos Ezquerra’s distinctive style.  There’s a real feeling of Mega City […]

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