ABC Warriors: The Mek Files 04

This is one of the most stunning compilations I have ever had the pleasure of reading, Clint Langley takes over art duty as the ABC Warriors relive key moments in the Volgan War.  Throughout the beloved and long running ABC Warriors strip, many fine artists have already contributed to this engaging narrative.  With Clint Langley, […]

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ABC Warriors : Mek Files 02

I really enjoyed The ABC Warriors Mek Files 01 – I reviewed it for The Geek Syndicate  and it read like a homage to The Magnificent Seven and was full of rip-roaring action. Mek Files 02 is even better, there’s a serious amount of character building and the introduction of a new protagonist into this […]

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Learn your ABC’s

Distinctive characteristics, origin stories, character development, perverse humour, violence, intriguing plot and a nod to my favourite early 2000AD storylines. I found ABC Warriors The Mek-Nificent Seven to be all these things, a continuation of the characters from Ro-Busters (the sarcastic Ro-Jaws and the fairly morally complex character Hammerstein) and also the Invasion storyline featuring […]

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