Novaborn : Tale of Inpherna

Good comics come in many different forms and formats. With the advent of the Internet, a greater number of designers, writers and artists are utilising its potential to reach a greater and increasingly diverse audience.  This is the case with an excellent webcomic by the creative team of writer Stephen H. Harper, designer Brittany Rose […]

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The Crow 2: City of Angels

As you know, if you had read my review regarding the previous entry in the Crow film series, it was a sublime mixture of dark Gothic and high octane action.  It will be forever remembered for the tragic end of it’s lead actor who was shot my accident in a gun which contained a live […]

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Highlander III :The Magician

After the controversial and fairly lacklustre prequel, this film at least sets Highlander fans off on familiar territory . This is a fairly decent action / fantasy film and is one of the more entertaining sequels in the franchise to date.   Highlander III opens with a flashback, it retcons the second instalment and instead takes […]

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