Judge Dredd : Judgement Day

In 1990 Garth Ennis had replaced John Wagner as the lead writer of Judge Dredd’s 2000AD stories as the latter headed off to write for the Judge Dredd Megazine spin off publication. Ennis has since said, on retrospect that he believes that his Dredd stories weren’t as good as he had hoped that they would […]

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Judge Dredd : Goodnight Kiss

From Garth Ennis’ pen comes a might story of grit, determination and above all Justice.  These series of stories were written at the end period of Ennis’ initially Judge Dredd run, published in 2001 by Titan, this was one of a series of Dredd books that hit the shelf.  Ennis at this stage was a […]

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Judge Dredd : Deviations

This is a one shot comic with an interesting premise, inspired by the classic Judge Dredd story – Cry of the Werewolf, legendary writer / artist John McCrea has created a form of sequel to this tale.  I say sequel, but perhaps it’s more akin to a ‘What If’ form of narrative.  The conjecture is […]

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Judge Dredd on the Playstation 1?

  When it comes of Comic Book games there’s some concepts which should just work.  Spiderman should be represented in video games as a web slinging, swinging, wisecracking hero.  The Punisher should be using automatic weapons to mow criminals down and when taking on the role of The Batman, players should be encouraged to use […]

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