ABC Warriors: The Mek Files 04

This is one of the most stunning compilations I have ever had the pleasure of reading, Clint Langley takes over art duty as the ABC Warriors relive key moments in the Volgan War.  Throughout the beloved and long running ABC Warriors strip, many fine artists have already contributed to this engaging narrative.  With Clint Langley, […]

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Savage : Taking Liberties

Pat Mills doesn’t pull any punches, he’s become a legend in the comic book industry for not only his hyper violent content but his ability to make a reader think and question what they have grown up believing.  In the first issue of 2000AD, Pat introduced readers to Bill Savage, a lorry driver who begins […]

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Doctor Who : The Iron Legion

As many of my readers know.  I am a huge fan of classic Doctor Who.  I grew up in the ‘wilderness years’ where the show had no other format except scarce re-runs and the excellent Target and New Adventure book series.  Perhaps it was my appreciation of experience with Doctor Who in formats other than […]

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