Punk Rock Jesus

One of the most intelligent, innovative and moving stories to come from the Vertigo range.  Punk Rock Jesus deals with the hard hitting issues of Religion and Politics.  A powerful media corporate decides to bring the Second Coming forward.  They clone Jesus Christ from remnants of DNA found and events unfold in a unique narrative.  […]

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The Preacher : A Retrospective

The Preacher is a powerful comic book series which asks some interesting theological questions.  What if God abdicated his throne, fled from heaven and chose to live his life on Earth?  What Supernatural consequences would happen if an angel and a demon fell in love and conceived a child? What would happen if a man […]

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Clive Barker’s Rawhead Rex

Rawhead Rex is an often overlooked entry in Clive Barker’s vast and imaginative library.  It is a title which has been translated from it’s original text format to film and comic book format.  In the mid 80’s Clive Barker released a series of books that were known as ‘The Books of Blood’.  A series of […]

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Clive Barkers Next Testament

Approaching Clive Barker’s work in comic format for the first time, I chose the rather intriguing title of ‘Next Testament‘ – I am a theologian after all, books and ideas regarding the divine and the supernatural in general fascinate me.  This contained a somewhat unique take on all that is ‘holy’ and gives a sideways […]

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