Sector 13 – Issue 06

It’s been a while since Talking Comics brought you, the reader, a review but we promise you that it’s worth the wait. We have been privileged to be able to bring you details of one of the most exciting issues of the fabulous Sector 13 magazine yet. Over the years, the content within Sector 13 […]

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Sector 13 – Issue 4 Review

Sector 13 has been referred to as a fanzine tribute to the greatest era of 2000AD but over the last three issues it has been clear to see that an artistic maturing process has been occurring. Starting life as a series of stories, articles and interviews it has now become a powerful collage of action […]

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Sector 13 – Issue #3

Sector 13 is described as a 2000AD ‘fanzine’.  It’s produced in Northern Ireland by some very dedicated and talented individuals who have pushed the boundaries of, what is traditionally understood as a ‘fanzine’.  Make no mistake, this is an incredibly polished and accomplished piece of work.  It’s fresh, exciting and in issue #3 really hits […]

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