Sector 13 – Issue 4 Review

Sector 13 has been referred to as a fanzine tribute to the greatest era of 2000AD but over the last three issues it has been clear to see that an artistic maturing process has been occurring. Starting life as a series of stories, articles and interviews it has now become a powerful collage of action packed narratives told through a vast variety of different medium. Featuring seasoned comic book talent as well as emerging stars of the circuit, Sector 13 has become a powerful expression of fandom and a gripping read.


This evocative cover is by Ryan Brown, the cover Model is the wonderful Jay Scout

Here’s some of my personal highlights from this issue.

High Maintenance 

Script : Peter Duncan and Laurence McKenna

Art: Laurence McKenna and Simon McKnight

Lettering: Patrick Brown


We begin this issue with a photostory featuring the talented and dedicated Sector House 13 Cosplayers.  This narrative by Peter Duncan and Laurence McKenna focuses on the daily business of the judges and citizens of Sector 13.  It’s a narrative which focuses on escorting a maintenance worker through a dangerous city block.  As you can guess it’s packed with violence and some well developed dialogue.  Simon McKnight and Laurence McKenna have captured a great look and feel for the environment.  My only complaint is that it is sometimes difficult to tell the Judges apart but you have got it all here, great emotive panels and dark humour peppering through.

Zero Sum Brian

Script: W.D McQuaid

Art:  Patrick Brown

Lettering: Patrick Brown


A powerful story of a war torn planet, a freedom movement and an unending fight against a cruel oppressor. This is a stellar story from W.D. McQuaid and features all the best hallmarks of a 2000AD Future Shock tale.  I was drawn in by the dialogue and the series of revelations regarding this war which were unveiled through the panels.  The ending is a concept which we have seen before through classic sci-fi films and other comics but it’s incredibly well executed here with a powerful emotional twist. Turning a narrative concept from something familiar into a uniquely powerful emotional punch.

Bad Day in Mega-City One

Script : Peter Duncan

Art : Paul Malone

Lettering: Paul Malone

Story:  Logan Bruce


A starkly grim yet humorous tale of Mega City One body snatching to order.  The fantastically violent scenes are eye catching and the protagonists of the story are memorable and interesting.  The art and colouring are superb and evoke the feeling of some of the best classic Dredd stories from 2000AD.

Those were my three favourite strips from the magazine, there are a total of seven and each one of them are worth reading.  There’s a story revolving around a mysterious alien presence outside our atmosphere which evolves into an environmental twist. The hilarious Gronks which takes me right back to the humorous comics that DC Thompson were known for, a difficult genre but one which Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle nail perfectly.  Special mention has to be given to the textual story Ironic which is an incredibly emotive read.

Sector 13 continues to mature and craft wonderful stories in it’s universe.  A magazine which started as a fanzine has now become one of the highlights of my comic reading year.  I can only hope that the next magazine reaches the shelves soon.  Take my advice and purchase it, it’s a comic book which you will keep coming back to and re-read the excellent strips.  Dare I say it, it’s the thinking comic book lovers 2000AD.


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